Pregnant Escorts

A Pregnant Prostitute in the News Again

Good evening everyone, Hope it's a good week so far. I came across this story while surfing the web the other day. It's about a pregnant prostitute named Summer Sebastian who isn't that far along, but plans to work right through the end of her pregnancy. Some interesting facts: her boyfriend is 70 years old, she's studying forensic pathology, and she hails from Palm Beach. She works at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, which is a legalized brothel in Nevada. Prostitution is legal in Nevada in only a few counties, in highly regulated brothels. If you recall, there was a story... Read more →

Backpage has been shut down as of 1/9/2017!

Good evening everyone. Just got home not too long ago after a typical day at work and then having a delicious dinner with my grandmother. Haha if she only knew about the shenanigans I’m writing about…I do love her though, but sometimes it’s hard to share our true feelings and passions even with the ones who are closest to us. But I digress. Let me tell you about what happened: I usually went on Backpage once/twice a day just to look at the ads, do research, etc, but tonight to my surprise the adult categories were censored!!! Yes, it’s official,... Read more →