Pregnancy Fetish

A random search the other day revealed something which I had suspected for years: the popularity of the pregnancy fetish is increasing. More and more people are searching for adult content related to the fetish on popular adult websites, as this Metro article details. Woohoo! I am not big on porn, because I prefer real-life experiences, but the fact that this article was posted on a mainstream site shows that more and more people (men and women) are interested in pregnant women! What I've tried to convey with this blog is that the fetish for me at least, is more... Read more →

Happy Mother's Day to all of the beautiful pregnant women out there, especially the single ones who might be feeling kind of lonely today. We love you. You're beautiful. You're going to make it through this pregnancy, and you're already a great mother. I took time this morning to wish the same to the women who have touched me on a deeper level over the past year. They aren't pregnant anymore. But now they are mothers, focusing on their own lives. Perhaps they have forgotten about me already. I don't think so though. They were quite happy to receive my... Read more →

What Brings You Here? You Must Like Pregnant Women

If you found your way to my blog, I'm pretty sure you like pregnant women just as much as I do. Keeping that in mind, I want to know what it is you're looking for once you get here. If you have found it already, great! If not, what topics about the fetish would you like me to talk about? What questions do you want answered? What can help you with your own personal journey? I'll admit it, my original plan was to just tell my stories about my various adventures with pregnant women. But I was so surprised at... Read more →

Why Are Men Attracted to Pregnant Women? An In-depth Look.

This one is for the pregnant women out there. I hope it finds you. I love you so much, so don't forget it. We all do, and this blog is for both men and women. I want pregnant women to feel comfortable and know that there are many good men out here who not only love how you look, smell, and shine, but hate any man who says otherwise. The Fundamental Reasons Why Men Like Pregnant Women: Biology. When a man sees an expectant mother, he can be certain of two things, (1) that she is capable of having children,... Read more →

A Dream Pregnant Woman But I Was Too Late

I recently came across a beautiful pregnant latina. Her belly was enormous. It's been a long while since I've gotten butterflies looking at a belly. Every time I look at her photo I get them. I suppose the reason for them is knowing what I missed out on: a chance to meet. She had her baby back in November of 2016. If only I had logged on back then! So here we are in February and I learned that not only does she like pregnant women and bellies, but she appreciates the attention she gets from men when she's pregnant!... Read more →

Reflecting on Pregnant Women

Today is Sunday, it’s cold and rainy here. What a perfect time to think about my life and the course I am on, and write it down for a stranger somewhere to see. I took a moment to remember some of the pregnant women I have had the great privilege of meeting over the years. I will attempt to share some of those experiences with you through this blog. Each experience was more than just getting to rub a big belly. Yes, I’ll admit that what’s I was looking to do at the time. But as time passed, those moments... Read more →