Ms. Fancy- Pregnant and Super Sexy Part II

Good evening pregnancy people, Saturday I got to see Ms. Fancy again! When I came downstairs to answer the door, she stood there waiting like always, her belly was the biggest it's ever been, and the biggest it would ever be. Of course, it was off to pee first before anything. With a belly that big, she always has to go to the bathroom. When she came out to sit with me like she always does, she lifted up her sweater to reveal that huge round belly that I waited months for. Her belly was hard as a rock, and... Read more →

Ms. Fancy- Pregnant and Super Sexy Part I

I honestly never thought I'd meet a pregnant woman like Ms. Fancy. But when I think about the circumstances of our meeting, I realize it's a story that must be told, and one that could probably go beyond just telling it here on this blog. Of course, you know I like posting my ads. I post ads on Craigslist and Backpage, but this ad was just on Craigslist. When Ms. Fancy responded to my ad in November of 2016, I really couldn't believe my eyes. A thin, pretty white girl in her early 20's, tight jeans, cute boots, hair done,... Read more →

My Backpage Ad and The Wierd Responses

Ever since I started this journey of posting ads in search of pregnant women, there have been good weeks and bad. Good as in a response every few days. Bad as in no responses all week. But there is another type of response which is even worse: responses from men. I for the life of me cannot figure out why men are responding to an ad that's looking for pregnant women. The ad clearly states "Looking for Expecting Women with Big Bellies." I usually can tell when a guy is responding to my ad because he won't text first. I'll... Read more →

Why Are Men Attracted to Pregnant Women? An In-depth Look.

This one is for the pregnant women out there. I hope it finds you. I love you so much, so don't forget it. We all do, and this blog is for both men and women. I want pregnant women to feel comfortable and know that there are many good men out here who not only love how you look, smell, and shine, but hate any man who says otherwise. The Fundamental Reasons Why Men Like Pregnant Women: Biology. When a man sees an expectant mother, he can be certain of two things, (1) that she is capable of having children,... Read more →

More than I expected (Part II)

Well, it was a bitter-sweet day on Saturday. Yes, I know it's Tuesday. But I'm just getting around to writing this. The bitterness was from knowing that it would be the last time I'd see her, since she's having her baby this week. She really is ready to pop, she's getting induced! The sweetness from getting to be with a pregnant woman that far along, who was simply beyond beautiful, as I told her time after time. I picked her up in the same place, but today was much colder than when we met two weeks ago, so she was... Read more →

A Dream Pregnant Woman But I Was Too Late

I recently came across a beautiful pregnant latina. Her belly was enormous. It's been a long while since I've gotten butterflies looking at a belly. Every time I look at her photo I get them. I suppose the reason for them is knowing what I missed out on: a chance to meet. She had her baby back in November of 2016. If only I had logged on back then! So here we are in February and I learned that not only does she like pregnant women and bellies, but she appreciates the attention she gets from men when she's pregnant!... Read more →

Pregnant with twins, with a twist!

Hello everyone. I fell asleep and woke up around 330am, so I'd figured why not finish writing what I started. As I mentioned in my previous post, I got another response from Backpage. This time I got the line I have been waiting for, for years. "I'm pregnant with twins." Just reading that gives me a rush so deep my stomach starts hurting. The last time I came across a pregnant woman who was having twins was actually someone I met off Badoo. I actually met several pregnant women off there, but I no longer use that app anymore. But... Read more →

More than I expected with a beautiful expecting woman

As I mentioned in my last posting, I recently connected with a beautiful pregnant ebony in her early 30's, but we didn't get a chance to meet. Well, today we finally did! This is the continuation of that story. I hope you enjoy it! It was an unusually warm day here, sunny and blue skies, nice breeze, just beautiful. Although at the same time quite depressing since we are still in February. I miss the winter! I was supposed to meet her at 12pm, but it ended up being 1pm. I wanted to make sure I was showered and shaved,... Read more →

Backpage and Pregnant Women (The Truth)

A few months ago I had posted an ad on Backpage looking for pregnant women for photos. I got several responses, although some of them were just to waste my time. One of the responses though was from a beautiful ebony pregnant woman in her 8th month. We talked for about 30 minutes the other day on the phone, but unfortunately we didn't meet up yet. She's due in less than a month so I told her I'd like to see her before she pops. The day we were supposed to meet up, I wasn't feeling particularly well, and neither... Read more →

Happy Saturday Night Pregnant Belly Lovers

Pregnant webcams, ahhhh. When I first discovered them I was beside myself. Actually, I felt that way about webcams in general. And my goodness is it easy to spend a whole bunch of money on them. At $4.99 per minute, yeah you betcha. Well here's the deal. Most of the pregnant women on the popular webcam sites such as Streamate , are from Colombia. Colombia has a booming adult industry, specifically webcams. The pregnant women that you will find on webcams usually work out of a studio, not out of their houses. This is because the business model is different... Read more →