Dating While Pregnant

Last week when Bony and I got together, she decided to write a note for me that I didn't read until after I came back home from dropping her off. That note is her personality, always positive, goofy, and as sweet as can be. It made me realize that my experience with her was more than just a fling with a random pregnant woman. We really touched each other (no pun intended). And the proof of that is in the fact that we still talk after all this time. We reminisced about the smallest moments: in bed talking for hours... Read more →

A Pregnant BBW Latina and a Good Friend - Part I

My Pregnancy fetish has taken me on some wild journeys. But I'm forever touched by them. Here's one of the memories that I'm quite fond of, and think about often. I love pregnant women so much, and here's one of the women who changed me many years ago. I met Bony as she prefers to be called in the summer 2012, when she was about 20-21, 7 months pregnant with her first. And guess what? We still talk to this day. I'm trying my best to remember the story, it was almost 5 years ago, so I'm piecing it together... Read more →

Dating Pregnant Women

If you have been reading my blog you noticed how I met pregnant women through classified ads. This wasn't always the case, and I still meet pregnant women through other means. But let me tell you about how it all started, when my crazy adventure really began. Let's go back to the summer of 2012. Somehow I stumbled upon a website which was like a gift from above. In all, I met 5 different pregnant women from that website. And every one has their own unique story. I will go into each of them in further detail in the... Read more →

Ms. Big Booty Part II

Okay guys and gals, sorry for the delay. I’m still sorting out which web host to use for my blog. Either way, the domain name will stay the same. And for all of you grammar people out there, it’s “pregnancy fetish”, not “pregnant fetish.” The latter is incorrect because a fetish can’t be pregnant, it’s a noun! So…on Friday night I went to pick up my pregnant big booty friend after work. She’s 8 and half months at this point. Her belly is pretty big, but not huge. But I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t even get... Read more →

Ms. Big Booty Part I

Good evening everyone, Tonight I had the pleasure of speaking with one of my good friends, let’s just call her Ms. Huge Booty. We met online two years ago on an internet site that shall remain nameless. When I came to pick her up for the first time, I couldn’t believe how big her ass was, I mean it was enormous. In fact, it was so big that I told her that it looked pregnant! And guess what, she knows about my pregnancy fetish too. In fact, when we first met I told her I had a fetish for pregnant... Read more →