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Sometimes the Stars Align- Pregnant Twin Sisters

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In October of 2016 I had got a response to one of my ads on Craigslist. It's not that I forgot about it, it's that sometimes I don't realize the magnitude of an experience until months later. Memories can make an ordinary moment into an epic one. I can't believe it's almost been a year since it happened.

She was a thick black woman in her 8th month of her second pregnancy. She wasn't a dime, just average. And from the initial photo she sent me her belly was big.

What I liked even more was how open-minded she was, how she spoke to me, how comfortable she made me feel. That goes a long way with me, and I'm sure you'll find it goes a long way with you in your own life.

When I went to pick her up on that paltry October afternoon, I saw her wobbling down the street as I waited in my car. Her belly was HUGE. It was shaped like an egg!

We went back to my place and took photos, but there is a certain passion that's lacking from them. I guess she was a little camera shy.  It's crazy that sometimes I'm so into the moment and the photos come out horrible and other times I'm not and they come out spectacular. 

Fast forward to August 2017. I get a similar response to my ad from an enthusiastic and inquisitive black pregnant lady. She's seven months along. We start texting, and the communication reminds me of that same woman from last October. She casually mentions that her sister did pregnancy photos before too. She's really comfortable!
Then she mentions that her man is in prison, and getting out soon. Now I'm not so comfortable. But I'll admit, she was willing to work with me. She was willing to meet me and take the bus down to see me. ***Women that are willing to work with me and go the extra mile are worth their weight in gold. In the end they get more, and so do I. It's a win-win.
We talk on the phone for almost an hour a few days before we meet. And all of the sudden she mentions again that her twin sister did pregnancy photos. But this time she mentions that she did them with me! What??? That's right, it was her twin sister back in October. In fact, her twin sister found out about my ad because of her! And now almost a year later she's responding to the same ad. Mind blown.

So we met up, I picked her up from the subway on a pouring rain afternoon after work. She really looks just like her sister, not identical though. We went back to my place and took some photos, talked for a while, and even had dinner--shrimp and rice. Her belly is already quite large, but she has two more months to go. I wonder how big she will get. She said she's even thinking of being a surrogate, I wonder if that will really happen. I can't wait to find out. She brought me back to the summer of 2013...ahhh the memories.