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The Pregnancy Fetish is Increasing in Popularity


A random search the other day revealed something which I had suspected for years: the popularity of the pregnancy fetish is increasing. More and more people are searching for adult content related to the fetish on popular adult websites, as this Metro article details. Woohoo! 

I am not big on porn, because I prefer real-life experiences, but the fact that this article was posted on a mainstream site shows that more and more people (men and women) are interested in pregnant women!

What I've tried to convey with this blog is that the fetish for me at least, is more about connecting with different women, and learning about them, rather than solely pursuing the physical attraction. 

In the end, after the moments are gone, the stories are all that remain, the details that I didn't pay attention to, but now stand out like an outie belly button. I'm going to keep trying to bridge the gap, between fetish and mainstream, porn and passion, solitude and adventure. 

And speaking of porn, a former pregnant adult film star, Laya Leighton, recently started a blog about her experiences in the adult industry and beyond. I literally read every post since she started it, that's how good it is. She's quite a talented writer, and she's just trying to figure out life like all the rest of us. She plans to write a book about her life, so I encourage you to check it out:

Also, I'm going to start something new, each week I'm going to recap the events which transpired in my life involving pregnant women. You can let me know which articles you would like me to expand on.

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