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For the Pregnant Women: Happy Mother's Day

Happy Pregnant Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the beautiful pregnant women out there, especially the single ones who might be feeling kind of lonely today. We love you. You're beautiful. You're going to make it through this pregnancy, and you're already a great mother. 

I took time this morning to wish the same to the women who have touched me on a deeper level over the past year. They aren't pregnant anymore. But now they are mothers, focusing on their own lives. Perhaps they have forgotten about me already. I don't think so though. They were quite happy to receive my text.

To all you guys out there, take a moment to wish the pregnant women who have left an impact on you a wonderful day. Don't forget about them, trust me, they'll appreciate it. 

Keeping on this topic, I will be spending the day with the mothers in my life, which brings up an interesting point. My mother actually knows about my fetish. I think she found photos of pregnant women that I hid under my bed when I was younger. Two years ago she actually brought up that a friend of hers asked about me, and asked if I still had my fetish. How the hell did her friend know??? 

Well I hope my grandmother doesn't know about it! The only way she would is if my mother told her. It's hard sometimes because my grandma keeps asking me: do I have a girlfriend, when am I going to get married, etc. I wish I had the heart to tell her that I don't know when that is going to be. I suppose at that point maybe I'd have a real mother to share this holiday with. I'm not in any rush. If there's one thing I've learned, you have to be comfortable alone with yourself before you can be comfortable together with someone. 

At times I feel awkward with my fetish, but then I remember what Ms. Fancy once told me: everyone has a fetish, everyone has a different life in the bedroom, everyone has some secret they hide, deep down where no one can find it, they just look clean on the surface. 

Reflecting on the past week, I met several new pregnant women, but not in person. One of them actually had posted her own personal ad! Two of the others responded to my ad. The last two had their own personal issues that they were dealing with, so we couldn't continue to talk or meet. I hope they find their way. I hope we all find our way. Maybe we already have.