Ms. Fancy- Pregnant and Super Sexy Part I
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Ms. Fancy- Pregnant and Super Sexy Part II

Good evening pregnancy people,

Saturday I got to see Ms. Fancy again! When I came downstairs to answer the door, she stood there waiting like always, her belly was the biggest it's ever been, and the biggest it would ever be. Of course, it was off to pee first before anything. With a belly that big, she always has to go to the bathroom.

When she came out to sit with me like she always does, she lifted up her sweater to reveal that huge round belly that I waited months for. Her belly was hard as a rock, and so was I already, just rubbing it and kissing it. I'm going to miss the smell of it, like she just got out of the shower and rubbed cocoa butter all over it. 

When she stood up, I had to help her. Her butt was so soft, I just had to stand behind her and press up against her, and wrap my hands under her belly. She was all belly, carrying low, the curve from her pelvis to her belly button was unreal. She had that dark line that I love, and two holes where her former piercings were. 

I followed her into my bedroom. Time for the pregnancy photos, she went to the usual position next to my bed and stood sideways, with her hands at her waist. She turned her head to me and gave me that smile like she had done so many times before. 

She stood next to me again, and I could barely contain myself, just seeing those dangerous curves of hers. Her pregnant body had blossomed into a work of art. There was nothing that I enjoyed more than watching her parade around my room. 

So she came and rested next to me on my bed. We spooned tightly, and I held her and her belly as close to me as I could. I didn't want to let go, but I knew that it wasn't up to me.

Her feet and legs and even her hands were really swollen so I rubbed her whole body up and down as we chatted. I said "you're one lucky pregnant woman!" "You never have to do anything when you come over, you get totally pampered!"

She agreed. She had so much to get ready for, the nursery, the hospital stay (I even got her some slippers to wear), everything as a new mom. But she let me catch this little glimpse of her life that I never though I could have the chance to see.

A sophisticated, educated, employed, beautiful woman, who let me experience a small part of her pregnancy journey.

She never told anyone about me, not her friends, or her family. It was a secret pregnancy fetish arrangement. She was no longer with the baby's father, for reasons that she never really got into. But here we were, in uncharted territory, I really never had such an extensive voyage with a pregnant woman before. 

But sadly it was our last meeting. Sunday night I had a feeling that she would have her baby. I looked at the couch where we had sat so many times before, and I knew that moment was gone and I wasn't going to be able to get it back again.  

I texted her today to see how her doctor's appointment went, but she never even had to go. About an hour later, she told me that she gave birth last night. I got a little teary-eyed reading that. I go back to the first email she ever sent me responding to my ad, and then I look at all the photos of the past months, with her belly growing. 

I told her I would send her a collage of all the photos so she could see the progression of her pregnancy. And I told her I'm here for her now like I was before. Even though she isn't pregnant anymore it doesn't matter. I'll say it before and I'll say it again, the pregnancy fetish establishes the intimate connection, and it can never be broken, even after the belly is gone.

But until we see each other again, we will both miss each other. Lighting the cinnamon candle on the dresser, with the breeze creeping in the window, curled up on the bed, dreaming about the next steps.

We both took this crazy journey together, somehow we crossed paths, and decided to share a little bit more than even our closest friends and families even know about us. Our troubles, our dreams, or fantasies, even our orgasmic screams. And when we look back on those memories, they will mean even more than they did at the time. They already do.