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Happy Saturday Night Pregnant Belly Lovers

Pregnant webcams, ahhhh. When I first discovered them I was beside myself. Actually, I felt that way about webcams in general. And my goodness is it easy to spend a whole bunch of money on them. At $4.99 per minute, yeah you betcha. Well here's the deal. Most of the pregnant women on the popular webcam sites such as Streamate , are from Colombia. Colombia has a booming adult industry, specifically webcams. The pregnant women that you will find on webcams usually work out of a studio, not out of their houses. This is because the business model is different... Read more →

Reflecting on Pregnant Women

Today is Sunday, it’s cold and rainy here. What a perfect time to think about my life and the course I am on, and write it down for a stranger somewhere to see. I took a moment to remember some of the pregnant women I have had the great privilege of meeting over the years. I will attempt to share some of those experiences with you through this blog. Each experience was more than just getting to rub a big belly. Yes, I’ll admit that what’s I was looking to do at the time. But as time passed, those moments... Read more →

She's Due Next Week. HUGE Pregnant Belly

Sometimes I get a little nervous inviting complete strangers to my house, but hey, I’ve always been doing wild shit like this. I remember one time I went to meet this pregnant lady in the not so good part of town and I almost got robbed by three big dudes. Luckily I got my ass out of there in time. From that moment on I vowed not to pursue my pregnancy fetish to the same degree. Oh well! Anyway, I had a pregnant woman respond to one of my ads during the week, and we planned to meet up today.... Read more →

Ms. Big Booty Part II

Okay guys and gals, sorry for the delay. I’m still sorting out which web host to use for my blog. Either way, the domain name will stay the same. And for all of you grammar people out there, it’s “pregnancy fetish”, not “pregnant fetish.” The latter is incorrect because a fetish can’t be pregnant, it’s a noun! So…on Friday night I went to pick up my pregnant big booty friend after work. She’s 8 and half months at this point. Her belly is pretty big, but not huge. But I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t even get... Read more →

Ms. Big Booty Part I

Good evening everyone, Tonight I had the pleasure of speaking with one of my good friends, let’s just call her Ms. Huge Booty. We met online two years ago on an internet site that shall remain nameless. When I came to pick her up for the first time, I couldn’t believe how big her ass was, I mean it was enormous. In fact, it was so big that I told her that it looked pregnant! And guess what, she knows about my pregnancy fetish too. In fact, when we first met I told her I had a fetish for pregnant... Read more →

Backpage has been shut down as of 1/9/2017!

Good evening everyone. Just got home not too long ago after a typical day at work and then having a delicious dinner with my grandmother. Haha if she only knew about the shenanigans I’m writing about…I do love her though, but sometimes it’s hard to share our true feelings and passions even with the ones who are closest to us. But I digress. Let me tell you about what happened: I usually went on Backpage once/twice a day just to look at the ads, do research, etc, but tonight to my surprise the adult categories were censored!!! Yes, it’s official,... Read more →

My pregnancy fetish, my fetish that I've had since the start.

Well guys (and gals), here we go. The best place to start is always at the beginning. I’ve had this fetish since I was a little kid, back when I used to pretend I was pregnant myself by stuffing pillows into over-sized sweatpants!! (WIERD right??). Let’s go all the way back to 2008. That’s when I finally was able to get with my first pregnant woman, and fulfill my fetish. But that was only the beginning!!! The first one I was ever with was a beautiful latina who was some years older than me. We actually met through a mutual... Read more →